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Our Story


Born out of a desire to share the Jamaican culture with the world. The founders of Festivals Jerk Chicken Grill came up with a “spicy” idea to open a chain of, medium-size fast-casual restaurants serving a unique blend of healthy great tasting Jamaican Jerk Chicken with fusion Caribbean & American entrees and side dishes.

Our fresh, chicken and pork are marinated 24 hours in a special blend of Jamaican herbs and spices, grilled to blackened perfection on large open flame grills in customers’ view. Festivals serves up chicken and pork that is All natural without any growth promoting hormones or steroids with no oil or breading used, our chicken and pork are free of added fat and low in calories.

At Festivals, our foundation is rooted in our Jamaican Heritage; bold flavorful cuisine steeped in a relaxed atmosphere and culture unique to the island. Our people will shape our brand daily by serving up delicious food with pride and ownership, and deliver on a brand that promises to not only satisfy hunger but also create a new experience and lift spirits.

Festivals encourage our guest to relax, soak up the rhythm and the vibes and remember you are on “Island Time”

Not feeling spicy? No problem, at Festivals you can have it as hot as you like or just right, seasoned with just enough to tingle your taste buds.

First-time goers – no need to sweat, spice is served on the side so just let your server know how you like it.

No matter how much heat you can handle, Festivals can cater to even the timidest eater. First-time goers will love our selection of sauces including, Festivals Jerk Sauce mild or spicy, Mango Jerk, Peach Bourbon Bar B Que, Honey Garlic Parmesan, Honey Lime Siracha, and Lollipop.


Jerk Chicken




Jerk refers to a style of seasoning and preparing meat that is native to Jamaica. Be it chicken, pork or fish, jerk cooking infuses the meat with a spicy kick and flavors that will make your mouth water.

Jamaicans credit the Maroons and Arawak Indians, who use hot peppers and herbs to season the meat then slowly cook it over smoke. The typical cooking style uses a marinade or paste that includes at least pimento, which is often called allspice, and scotch bonnet peppers. The meat is then marinated and slow smoked over pimento wood. The word started as a noun and then became a verb as in “Jerking” which meant to poke holes in the meat so the spices could permeate the meat. Jerk cooking experts believe the name Jerk also comes from the turning of the meat in the marinade, or the process of how the seasoning and marinade is applied.

But jerk is much more than a style of cooking, it’s a way of life. The savory blend is an expression of the rich culture and history in Jamaica. When served in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that Jamaica is famous for, it is a unifying experience where culture and good times collide.

While many have attempted to replicate the unique flavors and the relaxed atmosphere, jerk is a distinct style that can only be brought to you by the roots of Jamaica.

Best described as a slightly sweet and crispy cornmeal fritter, Festivals are frequently served with jerk chicken, jerk pork or fried fish. According to an old Jamaican saying, these crowd pleasers get their name because eating one is like having a festival in your mouth!

They are also often described as “moreish” fried dumplings, meaning quite literally, that something is soooooo darn good, you want more of it!

“Nuff said.”



At Festivals, we practice “One Love” for our fellow man.

“One Love” – An expression of unity and inclusion, one love refers to universal love and respect for all people, regardless of race, religion, gender, social status or any other defining characteristics.

All Are Welcome


About Our Food & Vibe

This place is a total gem! The menu is huge with tons of options. All of the sides are homemade and wonderfully seasoned, but the show stopper is the Festivals! Sweet and savory fritters that compliment the spice from the jerk perfectly. Don’t forget to try the house-made sauces!

Adrienne W.

review from Yelp

Customer service was friendly, prompt and the restaurant atmosphere is fun. Prices are very, very affordable for the amount of food you receive. Definitely, give Festivals five stars!

Jessica C.

review from Yelp

Their pork wrap is amazing!!!!! So delicious!!!! Love it. Festivals are delicious too!

Jessica D.

review from Yelp

Jamaican “festival.” It was SO tasty — like a Caribbean dumpling. I’ll definitely be back to try more! So glad this restaurant was added to my neighborhood. 

Emily Perpetuo

review from Yelp

I was over the moon to find out there was a new Jamaican place opening! I love their jerk tacos! I will be coming back again very soon! I give them 5 stars!

Tanisha Parks

review from Yelp

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